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Advanced Planning = Optimized Results

When thinking strategically about ORTEC’s future, I always come back to the main goal: translating extensive business know-how and advanced planning expertise into real, tangible results for our customers. We realize this objective through a combination of business process knowledge, ICT and Operations Research techniques.

At the heart of our strategy is the creation of productized business solutions. Productizing increases accessibility and the business alignment ensures the best fit and the highest possible results. This long-term strategy is now paying off as more and more companies realize great results by using Advanced Planning in their daily operations.

What’s more, we have amassed a growing number of supporters who are proud of our shared success. One notable example is our nomination, along with TNT Express, for the prestigious Edelman Award. This accolade follows a previous nomination four years ago, together with Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Also due to this growing recognition from our clients and the industry, we are committed to delivering even more value with our innovative solutions.

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